Scan-Shipping (later Scan Group), was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark on April 1st 1969 by Mr. A. Simonsen at the age of 24.
It remained a one man owned company until it became a limited company in 1977. Mr. A. Simonsen is still the C.E.O. and Sole Proprietor of Scan Group including the Shipco Transport group of companies, the Scan-Shipping group of companies, the Strait Air Transport group of companies etc. Liner agency is still one of the major activities of the Group in Scandinavia and the Baltic region.
In addition: General forwarding, Airfreight, NVOCC, Hotel & Golf are today part of the business.
The Scan Group Headquarter for all subsidiaries and group activities remains in Copenhagen with Mr. A. Simonsen at the helm.
April 1st 2014 marks Scan Group’s 45th anniversary. Today Scan Group is present in over 40 countries worldwide and employs more than 3.000 staff in 156 offices.